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michael kors outlet online On Wednesday, Kors Holdings Ltd. Michael announced the results for the fourth quarter of 2015 fiscal year. As of the first 3 months of March 28th, the brand hit the slowest sales growth since 2011 listing. Fourth quarter group only 17.8% of the sales growth, compared with the past 13 quarters of the highest growth of 74.4% slowed sharply. cheap michael kors purses The fourth quarter, same store sales fell 5.8%, the North American market with store sales fell 6.7%. michael kors cheap

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cheap michael kors bags 2012 and 2013, Kors Michael has been Wall Street Star stock. Michael Kors will deliver the goods quickly, from its rival Coach there to snatch some of the market share. But now, investors are no longer optimistic about Kors Michael, the media is also a way to sing the decline ". Fortune says "Kors Michael is out", CNN commented "Kors Michael shares the performance of Turkey like a turkey disco. For Kors Michael store quarterly sales, Wall Street Journal The think it's lost the direction ". michael kors bags

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cheap michael kors outlet Masol Osteward is German, so far has been in the Boss Hugo for 11 years, since 2012 has been served as Boss Hugo sports series of creative management and concept design director. He during the hugo boss has been responsible for the management of creative work, has served as a number of different positions, including custom clothing, footwear, leather goods and accessories, as well as sports series, has a wealth of experience. Subsequently, Michael kors stock fell 25%, and a few months ago $97.6 historical high price compared to its share price fell by 50%, also fell to the lowest level since November 2012. michael kors outlet store